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How To Create a Bodychart in Tableau
Visualise sports injuries with body charts in Tableau. A body chart image serves as a visual representation of where injuries occur on an athlete's body.
tableau tricks and tips
A Guide to Data Storytelling
Data storytelling is not just about creating visuals but understanding the story behind the data. This blog illuminates the path from data to impactful stories.
Types of data storytelling
Storytelling doesn't just make data easier to digest; it makes it engaging, informative, and persuasive. Let's explore the diverse types of data storytelling methods.
different types of data storytelling
Premier League Points Inflation
Discover the closest title races in Premier League history. From Blackburn's narrow win in 1994/95 to City's goal difference triumph in 2011/12, see how razor-thin margins have shaped the league. Explore this season's thrilling finale.
premier league points inflation
10 Usability Heuristics in Sports Data Analytics
Discover how Jakob Nielsen's timeless design principles enhance sports analytics. Learn how these principles improve dashboard design, making complex data clear and actionable for better decision-making in sports.
10 Usability Heuristics in Sports Data Analytics
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