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We are a world leading sports analytics consultancy dedicated to transforming complex data into actionable insights for the sports industry. Our mission at Cre8 Labs is to enhance the decision making process of sports orgainsations using data. We blend a deep love for sports with a mastery of data analysis. 
We came about due to the need for nuanced visual storytelling when it came to sports performance data. Leveraging advanced information design, we turn intricate performance data into compelling visual narratives and strategic recommendations. Since our inception, we've championed the fusion of data science with sports intelligence to empower football teams, rugby teams, run club,  NGOs, leagues, and many more with the tools they need for success. Our team, a group of seasoned, sport data scientists, sport data analysts and designers, came together to form a company that prioritises the integrity of data while making it creative, digestible and actionable.

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Our journey with you begins in the Discovery phase, where we dive into your world of data. Through meticulous internal data analysis, competitive landscape reviews, and engaging directly with your stakeholders, we unearth the deep insights that lie within the numbers


With clarity from Discovery, we move into Planning. This is where objectives are set, user experiences mapped, and strategies formulated. It's a collaborative stage that lays the foundation for all our creative and analytical work


Entering the Prototype phase, we start to bring the data to life. Rapid prototyping allows us to visualize solutions and iterate quickly, ensuring the ideas we’ve generated are viable and effective


Design is where our prototypes are refined into polished visualizations and interfaces. Here, every chart, graph, and dashboard is crafted not only for aesthetic appeal but also for intuitive understanding and use


In the Development stage, our designs are translated into fully functional tools. We employ the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure that the final product is robust, scalable, and ready for deployment


Finally, we arrive at Delivery. This is where our partnership bears fruit, as we launch the final product. But our engagement doesn't end here; we believe in continuous improvement and stand ready to refine and adapt as your needs evolve

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"Adopting Cre8 Lab's cloud database and bespoke dashboard has been a game-changer for our sports analytics. Their bespoke solution ensures seamless access to data, while the tailored insights from the dashboard enhance our insight and decision-making. Cre8 Labs exceeded our expectations, delivering a solution that significantly elevates our competitive advantage."
"We were able to build a bespoke scouting platform on a minimal budget using CRE8 Labs."
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